среда, 16 марта 2016 г.

My Lovely Keyboard Shortcuts for Eclipse.

Is there a key binding for Next Difference and Previous Difference in Eclipse Compare Editor? in Merge Tool

default shortcuts for these: CTRL-. (next) and CTRL-, (previous)

ALT+SHIFT+Q, C - show console!
ALT+SHIFT+Q, U - show JUnit window

F12 - activate editor!
ALT+ SHIFT+ R - Refactor Actions, Rename Method
ALT+Arrow Up/Down Move current line or selection up or down
CTRL+ALT+Arrow Up         Duplicate current line or selection up or down
CTRL+# commit
CTRL+SHIFT+4 - Commit
CTRL+SHIFT+6 - Merge
CTRL+SHIFT+7 - Merge Tool
CTRL+SHIFT+9 - Clean
CTRL+SHIFT+= - Push to Upstream
CTRL+SHIFT+C - Build Clean
CTRL+SHIFT+F - Format Source
ALT+SHIFT+A   - Select Rectangle
CTRL+ALT+W   - Wrap Lines
CTRL+D              - delete Lines
CTRL+ALT+J      - Join Lines
ALT+F+.              -  Open File
CTRL+SHIFT+G - Find all references

F5 - Refresh project explorer
ALT+SHIFT+X, T - Run JUnit Test

CTRL+SHIFT+Y   - Changes the selection to lower case
CTRL+SHIFT+X   - Changes the selection to upper case

CTRL+SHIFT+R - Open an editor on a particular resource, files
CTRL+SHIFT+T - Open a type in a Java editor, Java classes, interfaces
CTRL+M             - Toggles maximize/restore state of active view or editor
CTRL+SHIFT+L - Show the key assist dialog, keyboard shortcuts
ALT+R+H           - Run Maven Build or JUnit4 test

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