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Bravo #cpanpr I'v done 13 releases on cpan and 3rd place

Hi,Bravo #cpanpr I'v done  13 releases on cpan and 3rd place




also 2nd


понедельник, 9 марта 2015 г.

make new release via Dist::Milla

┌─[mishin@mishin-Satellite-T230]─(~/github/milla2/POD2-RU) [20:41]
└─ →  milla-tutorial$ milla release
[@Milla/NameFromDirectory] guessing your distribution name is POD2-RU
[DZ] beginning to build POD2-RU
[DZ] guessing dist's main_module is lib/POD2/RU.pm
[@Milla/LicenseFromModule] guessing from lib/POD2/RU.pm, License is Software::License::Perl_5
[@Milla/LicenseFromModule] Copyright 2015- Nikolay Mishin <mi@ya.ru>
[@Milla/VersionFromModule] dist version 0.01 (from lib/POD2/RU.pm)
Next release version?  [0.01]:
[@Milla/ReversionOnRelease] Bumping $VERSION in lib/POD2/RU.pm to
[@Milla/ExtraTests] rewriting release test xt/release/pod-syntax.t
[@Milla/Prereqs::FromCPANfile] Parsing 'cpanfile' to extract prereqs
[DZ] writing POD2-RU in POD2-RU-
[@Milla/CopyFilesFromBuild] Copied POD2-RU- to ./META.json
[@Milla/CopyFilesFromBuild] Copied POD2-RU- to ./LICENSE
[@Milla/CopyFilesFromBuild] Copied POD2-RU- to ./Build.PL
[@Milla/ReadmeAnyFromPod] overriding README.md in root
[DZ] building archive with Archive::Tar::Wrapper
[DZ] writing archive to POD2-RU-
[@Milla/Git::Check] branch master is in a clean state
[@Milla/CheckChangesHasContent] Checking Changes
[@Milla/CheckChangesHasContent] Changes OK
[@Milla/TestRelease] Extracting /home/mishin/github/milla2/POD2-RU/POD2-RU- to .build/g4GyES6iQa
Creating new 'Build' script for 'POD2-RU' version ''
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlintro.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlintro.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perl.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perl.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlstyle.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlstyle.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlrebackslash.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlrebackslash.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlretut.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlretut.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU.pm blib/lib/POD2/RU.pm
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlcheat.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlcheat.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlreapi.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlreapi.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlunicode.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlunicode.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlpragma.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlpragma.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlrecharclass.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlrecharclass.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlsecret.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlsecret.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/a2p.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/a2p.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlnewmod.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlnewmod.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlrun.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlrun.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlbook.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlbook.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlreguts.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlreguts.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlre.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlre.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlreref.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlreref.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perlrequick.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perlrequick.pod
cp lib/POD2/RU/perldoc.pod blib/lib/POD2/RU/perldoc.pod
t/00base.t .............. ok  
t/basic.t ............... ok  
t/release-pod-syntax.t .. ok    
All tests successful.
Files=3, Tests=24,  2 wallclock secs ( 0.08 usr  0.01 sys +  1.80 cusr  0.03 csys =  1.92 CPU)
Result: PASS
[@Milla/TestRelease] all's well; removing .build/g4GyES6iQa
[@Milla/ConfirmRelease] *** Preparing to release POD2-RU- with @Milla/UploadToCPAN ***
Do you want to continue the release process? [Y/n]: Y
[@Milla/UploadToCPAN] registering upload with PAUSE web server
[@Milla/UploadToCPAN] POSTing upload for POD2-RU- to https://pause.perl.org/pause/authenquery
[@Milla/UploadToCPAN] PAUSE add message sent ok [200]
[@Milla/CopyFilesFromRelease] Copied POD2-RU- to lib/POD2/RU.pm
[@Milla/Git::Commit] Committed Changes lib/POD2/RU.pm META.json
[@Milla/Git::Tag] Tagged
[@Milla/Git::Push] pushing to origin
fatal: The current branch master has no upstream branch.
To push the current branch and set the remote as upstream, use

    git push --set-upstream origin master

┌─[mishin@mishin-Satellite-T230]─(~/github/milla2/POD2-RU) [20:42]
└─ →  milla-tutorial$

CPAN PRC March assignment

Hi. I'v got new task from Nail!! Waw!!



Your distribution for March is Dancer-Plugin-MemcachedFa

You should be able to find your dist on github at:

Notes on your distribution:
 * The distribution has CPAN Testers failures, so you could look at those:
 * The distribution has CPANTS warnings - check out its page for details:

If you really can't work with this dist, get in touch to request
a new assignment. The list of assignments will be published in 5 days.

You can discuss ideas for your PR in a number of places:
 a. The mailing list
 b. The #pr-challenge channel on irc.perl.org
 c. On twitter, using the #cpanpr hashtag
 d. On your blog (let me know the address please)

When you've completed your assignment, please send me email with subject
"I'm done". Include your github username in the body of your email.
You should have done at least one pull request, but you don't have to
wait for it to be merged when you claim "done", that's up to you.

If you decide to drop out, please let me know, by sending an email "I quit",
including your github username.

Have fun,

So, It's begining to be interesting

1-st pull request done

Hi guys,
I'm done https://github.com/miyagawa/Tatsumaki/pull/24

Hi Miyagawa,
according to CPAN-PRC Pull-Request
, Neil give me your module, I:
  • add “use warnings;” in all modules
  • Add missing prereqs to Makefile.PL
  • make sure all modules have “use strict”
add use strict;use warnings; add dependencies according to scandeps.pl -R *.pm
good luck