понедельник, 1 июня 2015 г.

june pull request

I'v got new task from Neil

01.06.2015, 12:01, "Neil Bowers" <neil@bowers.com>:
> Hi mishin,
> Your distribution for June is Memcached-libmemcached:
>     https://metacpan.org/release/Memcached-libmemcached
> You should be able to find your dist on github at:
>     https://github.com/timbunce/Memcached-libmemcached
> Notes on your distribution:
>  * The distribution has CPANTS warnings - check out its page for details:
>        http://cpants.cpanauthors.org/dist/Memcached-libmemcached
> If you really can't work with this dist, get in touch to request
> a new assignment. The list of assignments will be published in 5 days.
> When you've completed your assignment, please send me email with subject
> "I'm done". Include your github username in the body of your email.
> You should have done at least one pull request, but you don't have to
> wait for it to be merged when you claim "done", that's up to you.
> You can discuss ideas for your PR in a number of places:
>  a. The mailing list
>  b. The #pr-challenge channel on irc.perl.org
> Please get in touch with the author of your assigned dist, to see if there's
> anything they'd like you to do, and to check any ideas you might have.
> If you decide to drop out, please let me know, by sending an email "I quit",
> including your github username.
> Have fun,
> Neil

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