суббота, 10 января 2015 г.

Wow, I get mail from Neil!! and my assignment is Tatsumaki!


Turns out my previous emails were getting spam-blocked a lot. So this is going to everyone
via a new route, to ensure everyone knows their assignment.

Your distribution for January is Tatsumaki, with repo https://github.com/miyagawa/Tatsumaki

When you've completed your assignment, please send me email with subject "I'm done".
Include your github username and the distribution name in the body of your email.
You should have done at least one pull request, but you might want to wait and see
if it gets merged, or if you decide to do more, before telling me you're done.

If you decide to drop out, please let me know, so I won't send you any more assignments.

In addition, please let me know your twitter username if you have one,
and your blog, if you have one and intend to blog about your PRs.

Sources of information:


The mailing list is:



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